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:rose:There are a few things you should know about me::rose:

Critique My Work Stamp by SparkLumCritique by EpicStampsAmateur Artist Stamp by Ravenclaw-VampireInspiration by EpicStampsNope by EpicStamps
Tail-swish by MysticDracomancer

:bulletred: I have made a vow for myself. I will draw whatever comes to mind, regardless of how it looks.

:bulletpurple: I am 18 years old :dummy:

:bulletred: My birthday is October 30th

:bulletpurple: I LOVE to Roleplay!

:bulletred: I have too many damn OC's for my own good.

:bulletpurple: I don't take shit from anyone. If anyone disrespects me, they get disrespect right back.

:bulletred: I don't give second chances. So don't fuck up with me.

:bulletpurple: I have a very high tolerance for idiots. But it wears thinner every day.

:bulletred: I love to play video games, draw, and take photos of random things!



:icontempted-ambition: is my photography account~

Enderdragon Ask Blog:

3DS Friend Code:

Alex: 1032 - 2086 - 9976

TEXTURE CREATORS (Ones I've used stock from)





:iconkeeperofcoffins::iconantaresxvi::iconokallu::iconpaperiapina:(There are a lot more, I just can't name them all)



(If I think of anymore I'll put it on the list)

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: = Brainstorming
:bulletred::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: = Sketching
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: = Lineart
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletblack::bulletblack: = Coloring
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletblack: = Background
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Finishing touches/ Complete!

I'm actually not taking any kind of requests/commissions/art trades anymore, at least, not for a looooooooooong time, since I NEVER get to them/procrastinate to the point where I don't even bother doing them or lose motivation. Perhaps one day I'll stop being lazy but I dunno. I'm swamped with work and all that other bullshit so...</u>


Random Projects Of Mine:

None at the moment

Dragon Icons

To some of things I have.

It's weird.

I've been having thoughts about who my OC's are actually married to and how many kids they have and all that. And it's funny that the largest family of my OC's is a huge fucking family! They have so many children and stuff! Jebus.

Serrakkus is married to Andromeda, Morgan'Na, Zemo'Orra, and Neslandra. In total, they have 13 children and 35 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren

Tokada is married (surprising isn't it?) to a young woman named Rubi, who is a (you guessed it) ruby scaled Shrill (A kind of sub-species of dragon that uses high pitched screeches to stun their prey) and he's got three kids 

Weston is married to a woman named Chessie, who's a mundane of an unknown species with caramel hair(mundanes are Saurians who have never gained their forms) and they have four children

Ronan is married to an a-gendered Dryad named Silk, they currently have two children. 

Nora is engaged to a Sorcerer (a non-saurian) named Leopold Fargrath and is currently pregnant with her first child. 

Kress is married to an Asian lung named Xiao'Tel and have two kids, now expecting a third. 

Sinclaire is married to a Pirate Captain named Neil Eversong and they have five children. 

Gairya is married to a Druid named Kori Young (male) and they have one child. 
Vektr is married to a scientist named Kathleen Cranbrook. They have one child.

Feyn is just recently engaged to another fiery wyvern named Cinge, they have no children as of yet. 

Kogera is married to a scientist named Rory Calhoune and they have seven children. 

Letta is engaged to a musician who goes by the stage name "Stryker" they have no children yet. 

Mortis is paired to another Dead One, a female, called Grief. They do not, and cannot have children. 

Sorrik is married to (in canon in my Kingdom of the Black Valley story) Rexus-Luthor Ravenbenn, and they have seven children, and are expecting an 8th soon. 

Rayna Ravenbenn is married to a count of a foreign country and has three children.

Vincent Ravenbenn is married to a princess of an Elven kingdom, and they have five children.

Beyond the Horizon

Nero (Sorrik's brother from my "Beyond the Horizon" story) isn't married, nor does he plan to any time soon.

Anaheim (One of Sorrik's daughters) is not married, but in a mated pairing with a forest god, they have several children. (She is a beast, so they have quite a large family)


Chira Greenwood is married to Isaac Greenwood, and they have one child and are expecting a second.

Ruvorak Blackfoot is married to another Argonian named Songbird, they have three children, Jumps-In-Puddles (Puddles), Dances-In-Rain (Rain) , and Hunter-Of-Rabbits (Hunter)

Tai'Denh is not married, (at least I don't think so) but in a relationship with another male Naga named Akin. (owned by :iconantaresxvi: )

Rythian Lyresin is in a (complicated?) relationship with a person who's name I forgot but is owned by :iconokallu:

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